Service & Support Structure

In order to achieve the previously mentioned goals, and to be capable of providing an efficient and professional support, AL-Thobhany had started its technical support and service activities with the following main units or sections:

1) Computer Maintenance section:

This Section is providing our customers with all front-line and medium level technical support, operated with two qualified and well experienced engineers; for supporting:

- Personal computers in both hardware and software installation and troubleshooting.

- Server's hardware and software installation and troubleshooting.

- Basic Network Cabling troubleshooting.

All engineers are with along practical experience as well as Microsoft certifications.

2) Networking and Solutions Section: 

As supporting networks with professional security services was our mission core philosophy, AL-Thobhany had established this section with our engineers capable of capturing the rapid growth of this market sector by providing:

- All needed Pre-Sales Support Consultation.

- Propose efficient and cost effective solutions to our customers.

- Provide the IT market with professional proposals for Internet and security solutions.

- Designs and implementations of local area network (LAN) with the use of structure cabling systems in coordination with the giant companies in this field like

- Design and implementations of wide area network (WAN) using the latest data communication technologies

- Designs and implementations of Solar & UPS Power Systems required in almost all data networking environments that ensures proper and stable electrical power delivery.

3) Customer Service Section:

As customer service is one of the key factors of a successful service company, AL-Thobhany had realized this fact and created this section to look after:

- All customers service requests and complaints.

- Follow up for all sales requests from our clients.

- Ensure an on-time service delivery.

- Perform all call tracking and logging using an automated software package for customer service activities.

- Ensure a customer satisfaction by attending regular surveys, questionnaires and customers visits to evaluate our service quality and value.

- Generate all needed reports for all company activities in terms of efficiency and productivity.

- Spare parts control and inventory management to ensure a proper buffer of spare parts.

- All customer financial accounts and billing for delivered services.

4) Sales Section:

-IT Section Sales: (6- representatives)

To provide all needed assistance for our customers in sales issues and presales evaluation and consultancy. This section is operated with two qualified sales engineers working together with the support of our technical team.

5) Our Support Branches:

We recognized the need for having support arms in most of the major cities like Aden, Hodeidah, Taiz and Moukalla to enhance and support our existence there as well as to provide professional and non stop business to our clients at any nearby location. One high qualified engineer is available in each branch

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